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With the catchy slogan in EICMA 2019, “Ride joy. Ride the future. Ride ottobike.”, ottobike is announcing the launch of its “MCR” (former “MCR II”) in European market in 2021 Q1. It is the step to transform the company from an on-stage rising star to people’s daily travel partner. Dedicated in optimizing riding experience, ottobike strives for bringing people closer to their dreams with revolutionized way of mobility.
ottobike’s “Mini City Racer (MCR)” embraces a simple but finely crafted body shape. Besides its alluring appearance, MCR is also equipped with outstanding performance. With the power to go up to 230 km riding range per charge, daily commute and holiday leisure can surely be satisfied.
The dual debuts of concept vehicles “MCR S” and “MXR” have also shown the brand’s capability to carry out its ideas. Inheriting the avant-garde design spirit, MCR S emphasizes on the solitary riding joy, while MXR embodies an outdoor adventurous spirit. The unique body design and stable performance make them unrivalled for heading for an exciting experience. With the pleasure to deliver evolutional mobility solutions, ottobike attempts to strike a chord with all the motorbike enthusiasts.


As the mass production plan of MCR is forthcoming, ottobike desires to provide more models tailored for diverse riding experiences. Riding with ottobike is not just a combination of life and entertainment, but an emblem of individuality; therefore, the 2020 concept models, single-seated “MCR S” and off-road “MXR” were born.
For “MCR S”, the design language emphasizes on the solitary riding joy. “S” represents single-seated but sophisticated performance. Equipped with the same powerful driving system as the mid-motor MCR, its 8-second instant acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is nothing to be underestimated. The enlarged cargo space allows the rider enjoy solitude along with beloved accessories. While taking a tour with MCR S, individuality is not just a character for the rider, but a way of living.
The 2020 ottobike’s concept dirt bike, “Maxi Extreme Rider (MXR)”, embodies the outdoor adventurous spirit. The futuristic design outlines the courage to take challenges in the rugged surroundings. While crossing on off-road terrains with MXR, the rider becomes a pathfinder conquering the unknown fearlessly.

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Noon Design

“noondesign”, the driving force of “ottobike”, finally made its official debut at EICMA 2019. The staunch backing of electric control resources and the capabilities for building up power system and designing vehicles allow noondesign to continuously create stunning masterpieces for ottobike. From frame design, vehicle and mechanics layout, styling, prototyping, homologation and certification to mass production, noondesign is able to create brand recognition with its avant-garde design and dares to bring your dream vehicles into life with revolutionized way of mobility.

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