EICMA Motorcycle Show 2018

Taiwanese OTTO BIKE MCR2 electric motorcycle made an European debut on EICMA 2018. MCR1 was already a beast. With new battery and awesome design, this bike is looking to go well on the market in 2019.

“The evolution of MCR II is composed of simpler appearance, better ergonomics and more powerful performance. To enhance rider’s riding experience, the vehicle stability and braking system feedback are both revamped significantly. MCR II is also equipped with the energy that can provide more than 200km riding range which can cover both daily commute and weekend entertainment smoothly. Gear shifting simulation system and dynamic performance mode allow riders to enjoy strong and direct mechanic feedback.” – OTTO BIKES

Last year we were first to recognize SUR-RON electric motorcycles, today we predict great future for OTTO BIKE!

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