Incredible OTTO BIKE MCR and MCRS Electric Motorcycles from EICMA 2019

So what did exactly OTTO BIKE company do so right with MCR, MCRS and MXR electric motorcycle line that we are calling it the biggest surprise of EICMA 2019. ?

  1. DESIGN – Up to the smallest detail, the build quality is amazing. It is a giant step from EICMA 2018 to what the company showed this year. Naysayers out there should know that OTTO BIKE did make a small batch already to test scale production: They are not built that good only for show! 
  2. UNIQUE – The bikes are built from the ground up! Those who seek incredible and unique design without apparent influence from other bike companies will find visible design details that make OTTO BIKE models stand out from other electric motorcycles.
  3. SMART – Most EV companies brag about smart features connectivity only to end up with colored screen that has charge, voltage and speed information This bikes software is top of the line with many working smart features!
  4. POWER – The company is Taiwanese and has production planned in Vietnam and Taiwan with top of the line components with big batteries and 140 Km/h speed!
  5. DISTRIBUTION – Not ready to jeopardize the quality, OTTO BIKE is taking it slowly and still considering the end price for bikes. They spent 2,5 years perfecting these products. This year OTTO BIKE opened a European office in Italy where the bike supply and parts will be warehoused. That means that distributors in 2020. and therefore future OTTO BIKE MCR customers will have full service in Europe. New established distributors in Europe will go through the training process to service OTTO BIKE models in their region so that the end customer is never let down.

The list goes on and on, but first, watch a VIDEO of our trip to EICMA 2019 and a drive video that OTTO BIKE kindly let us use.



OTTO BIKE company has 29 engineers devoted to making a smart, efficient and fun experience on this electric motorcycle lineup. Electric components were built from scratch together with all mechanical parts of the frame.

Software features rear camera view where dashboard goes to transparent mode and shows a view from behind, google maps….. We will not reveal all. Check out the links at the end of the article where to find the software information.

MCR Hub Motor and Mid Motor Electric Motorcycle on EICMA 2019

OTTO BIKE announced the launch of its “MCR” (former “MCR II”) in the European market for the second quarter of 2020. It is the step to transform the company from an on-stage rising star to people’s daily travel partner. With the power to go up to 230 km riding range per charge, daily commute and holiday trips can surely be managed with it.


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